To Space Camp and Beyond!

Our warmest thank you to all who helped us on our journey.

We met once a month for Girls’ Day and worked on several experiments. The girls made Oobleck, bouncy balls, solar powered windmills, and became expert slime makers.


It was nothing but smooth sailing to Space Camp!  Following a week of Space Camp and five hours of flying, the girls were troopers. They were even complimented on their good behavior at the airport!


Thank you to the Pascua Yaqui Tribal Council, Gilbert Ayala, La Cocina, Jo Schneider, Geoffrey Notkin, Aerolite Meteors, Space Hipsters, Francis French, Robert “Hoot” Gibson, Dolly Spalding, Bruce Bayly, and University of Arizona Math Department. A very big thank you to so many individual contributors. We couldn’t have done it with out your help. We are funded solely by contributions.

With Astronaut Lawrence DeLucas
Meet Astronauts Yaya, Saydee, and Sole
Training for the Mission
Mission Specialist Training
Mission Control Training with Saydee in Charge
Research at the Space Station
Inside the ISS
Future Space Camp Hall of Famers?
Making Slime in the International Space Station
Discovery Simulation Capsule
Mission Control
Shuttle Mission Training
Mission Specialists EVA Training
Lunch Time
Happy Campers
Breakfast with Yaya
The Girls with Gillian their Counselor
AstroSole Getting Suited Up
Mission Specialists doing their Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA)
On Camera
The Chaperone Watch Room
Mission Control
Team Canis!
Astro Yaya
Astro Saydee on Mars
Tired and Ready to Go Home
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