Dr. Bruce Bayly


My name is Bruce Bayly. I have been a math professor at the University of Arizona since 1988. At first I was completely content to teach my classes and work on my research projects, and rarely saw anyone under the age of 18 except for my children and their friends. However as these youngsters progressed through school I began to see that many children lose their sense of excitement with the world around them, and fail to develop their potential for fulfilled complete lives. This is especially the case with historically underserved groups and communities.


In 2003 several colleagues and I started “The Physics Factory”, a mobile outreach organization whose mission is to inspire children with the excitement of science. This project and the “Arizona Math Road Show” introduced me to other educators, notably Ms. Czarina Salido, a member of Time in Cosmology. Indeed it was learning about this organization and its outreach goals that led me to accept the presidency of this organization.


I am very proud to be associated with this group, and am committed to doing everything I can to help Ms. Czarina Salido and the girls who are Taking Up Space take the program to a successful conclusion.

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