Taking Up Space

Taking Up Space

Sending Native American Girls to NASA's Space Camp

Our Mission

Our mission is to expand the opportunities and future educational and career goals for Native American girls through 36 weeks of mentorship in STEAM education, Indigenous arts, and confidence building. After the completion of the program the girls are rewarded a six day all expense paid immersive STEM experience at the horizon-broadening Space Camp in Huntsville, AL.


Our students then have the opportunity to expand their impact by becoming mentors and guest speakers to future cohorts.


Make an Impact

We Prepare

Throughout the year, Taking Up Space works with local youth to encourage STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) learning. Students attend events through our partners and participate in weekly sessions at the Pascua Yaqui Clubhouse. Here they explore science and technology through hands-on experiments, and have even entered a local science fair. 

We Empower

There is a serious educational deficit in retaining middle school girl’s interest in STEM throughout our nation. Taking Up Space empowers Native American girls to pursue their interest in STEM by sponsoring their trip to NASA’s Space Camp. This incredible opportunity combined with the programs and activities we offer throughout the year give them the skills and confidence to succeed in STEM.

We Give Back

Space Camp participants return to their communities as leaders and role models. They give presentations on their experience, and become mentors in our local STEM programs and activities. Their Space Camp experience and active participation in our programs inspires other Native American Girl’s to pursue their own passions in STEM and dream big.