Taking Up Space

We are sending Native American Girls to Space Camp!

Time in Cosmology is honored to be collaborating with the Pascua Yaqui Tribe in our first mission to send middle-school-aged Pascua Yaqui girls to Space Camp! The first group of Yaqui girls attended Space Camp in June 2017. Selected Scholarship winners received full camp tuition for three years. We hope to be adding more girls and tribes, for as long as we can fund the Girls Taking Up Space Program.

The girls have the opportunity to do challenging hands on activities, while learning STEM, and get to meet NASA Astronauts!

Space Camp Alumnus and NASA Astronaut, Dorothy Metcalf – Lindenburger, visits Space Camp regularly.

And Astronaut John Herrington, the first Native American in Space:

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2 thoughts on “Taking Up Space

  1. Fantastic!! Congratulations to our upcoming young Scientists and Future Astronauts! Thank you Taking Up Space for creating such a remarkable experience for these amazing young girls! It is so important to make this their dream one true! I’m donating now!

  2. Yes Anthony Pitucco!!! Thank you sooo much for creating such a remarkable experience. You are really something!

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