Fred Haise Fundraiser Patch

Following-on from the highly successful Hoot Gibson “Signature Edition” fundraising patch project for Taking Up Space launched earlier this year, the Space Hipsters Facebook group has just announced that a new patch in the series will be released very soon. This time a patch has been designed to celebrate former NASA astronaut Fred Haise‘s roleContinue reading “Fred Haise Fundraiser Patch”

Space Hipsters May the 4th Be With You Fundraiser Event

The second annual May the 4th Be With You Trivia Quiz and Prize Draw Fundraising Event held this last week by the Space Hipsters Facebook group was a resounding success. The live online event was hosted by Space Hipsters Emily Carney and Lois Huneycutt, and opened with a special prize draw for children, with tenContinue reading “Space Hipsters May the 4th Be With You Fundraiser Event”

Hoot Gibson Fundraiser Patch

The Space Hipsters Facebook group launched a highly-successful fundraising project for Taking Up Space in early April. The background of the project begins with the STS-27 Space Shuttle mission of 1988, which came perilously close to disaster after suffering severe damage to its protective heat shield tiles during the launch. After observing the damage onContinue reading “Hoot Gibson Fundraiser Patch”

You’re Invited

Cultural STEM Day: It Takes a Pueblo SUNDAY, MARCH 20, 2022  4:30 PM – 8:00 PM at the Presidio San Agustín del Tucsón Fundraiser with Las Azaleas, Salvador Duran, featuring Gabriel Ayala, and very special guest astronaut Capt. Robert “Hoot” Gibson and Mayor Romano! Also featuring space art by Michelle Rouch, space jewelry by Planet Exophilia,Continue reading “You’re Invited”

Native American girls are heading to Space Camp

Seven Sisters are Taking Up Space! July 31, 2021 Over the past COVID era a group of seven Native American girls, ages 9 – 12 years old, from six tribes were doing exceptional things. Alaskan Ute, Apache, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Dine, and Coeur d’Alene Ojibwe formed an alliance – the seven sisters. On Zoom, the girlsContinue reading “Native American girls are heading to Space Camp”

Arizona Woman Helps Native American Girls Pursue Careers in STEM

Taking Up Space is an outreach program that gives girls opportunities to explore STEM Author: Vanessa Ramirez Published: 10:57 AM MST Source:

How Do We Best Serve Our Native American Girls? It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village Oh my what a year it has been! Under all of the anxiety that filled the air, as always there was hope, charity, and civility. We’re committed to our mission and the community we serve. We therefore partnered and helped launch a 14 week on-line Summer coding program for 9 –Continue reading “How Do We Best Serve Our Native American Girls? It Takes a Village”

Taking Up Space Facebook Live Event

12/19/20 Facebook Live Event Join us this Saturday as Program Director Czarina Salido talks about Taking Up Space past, present and future with the Space Hipsters!  Space Hipsters is a public online group with over 19,000 members. They have donated several thousand dollars to help with our mission of gifting trips to Space Camp to deservingContinue reading “Taking Up Space Facebook Live Event”