Thank You A-B Emblem!

A-B Emblem is Seriously Amazing!

Thank you to A-B emblem for their wonderful support of our program!

Space enthusiasts will know A-B Emblem as the official supplier of embroidered mission patches to NASA since the 1970s. Think of all those amazing photos of astronauts walking out to the launch pad or floating in space, and you will have seen their work. And now they are making our Taking Up Space patches in exactly the same way!

When they heard about our work sending Indigenous girls to Space Camp, they offered to make a special batch of patches for us for free. We are so grateful to them, as it has really helped us with our fundraising efforts.

If you want to see the incredible detail they put into the patch (I can almost see the individual spines on the cactus!), have a look at this page: and see how you can help us with our mission by owning a special patch made by the same people whose work goes into space!

Thank you to Chris Spain for his work producing our patches and purchasing the first order.

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